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(202) 806-1550

Meet one of our DCSBDC Covid-19 Initiative counselors, Michael D. Burke, President of Quest2 Consulting. Michael is a subject matter expert in Leadership and Organizational Development. He will assist businesses through the pandemic in three key areas; Leadership, with a focus on Emotional Intelligence, Sales, with a focus on revenue generation, pipeline creation, sales force management, and Back Office Infrastructure, building the foundation to scale your business.

Michael shares, “In 2002, I decided to leverage my experience as a senior executive in large corporations to support the growth and development of Small Midsize Businesses (SMBs). Since that time, I have been very fortunate to work with hundreds of SMBs facilitating their development and contributing to their capture of over $385M in contracts. This has shaped my approach to working with SMBs and focus on developing the leaders.” Michael uses the AIDE model, Assess the business, Identify the gaps, develop a plan, and Execute.

You can schedule time with Michael or any of our other DCSBDC COVID-19 Initiative counselors by visiting DCSBDC.org.



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