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In honor of Women’s History Month, Howard University and the DC Small Business Development Center (DCSBDC) presented the 2nd Annual Collaborative Leadership Series: Women’s Leadership Forum / Panel Discussion. This forum aimed to educate, inspire, and bring awareness to women entrepreneurs, existing and aspiring.

This year’s theme is Relational Intelligence: Expand the Influence of Your Small Business and the goal is to empower women entrepreneurs with actionable agendas. This unique forum brings locally and nationally respected leaders together to discuss the significance of relational intelligence in business, while also providing a platform for attendees to discover new ways in which to expand and build their community by turning existing supporters into dedicated clients.

This forum offers the opportunity to ask questions and obtain the answers to challenges you may have encountered. As an attendee, you will walk away with the resources to build a stronger network/community, tools to assist with planning, and executable courses of action.

DCSBDC Women’s Forum: https://howard.zoom.us/rec/play/be8o7TVBzPHcKV1asUpmVJUSmRD-VxlxNxEN9NAnqe5ZH7jGNC7jOSNIL4RPMa_5jFBAhXlMmjKUE3gU.7bpoGSPvKZ1pIa78?autoplay=true&startTime=1616853850000

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