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DCSBDC Webinar: Marketing Your Business: How to Communicate During A Crisis: Part II


When times are tough, it’s common for small business owners to struggle with what to say or how they should market themselves. As the COVID-19 pandemic moves into the second phase, and new lock-down measures may be just around the corner, business owners need to develop strategic ways to communicate with customers and clients. Today, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, have become primary sources of information and powerful marketing tools through the pandemic.

This webinar will guide you in putting together a strategic communication plan during a pandemic. You will learn:

  • How to communicate during the pandemic
  • What to communicate during the pandemic
  • Why social media is important to your communication strategy
  • How to use social media as part of your overall marketing strategy

Speaker: Danielle Ricks, owner Danielle Ricks Productions and DCSBDC COVID-19 Initiative Communications and Marketing Counselor.


Presentation Slides: Marketing Your Business During A Crisis Part II
View The Presentation: https://youtu.be/CUTQjEEVOfU

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