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So, you wanted to own your own business. There was something inside of you that was burning to be brought to life. You made the checklist with the necessary things that need to be done, and you started. The business plan is become an actual business; however, as the dream has grown, so too have unexpected needs to sustaining and growing the business, managing people, increasing revenue, understanding shifts in the market, and developing partnerships. Staying at the top of your game requires keeping abreast of ever-changing trends, tools, standards and the business environment. One of the ways successful CEOs do this is by constantly feeding their minds with information.

Don’t have time to read? We get it. Magazines are a great resource to use when looking for small tips and tools on how to create better efficiency for growing your business. Here are our top magazine recommendations sure to put information at your fingertips:

1. Forbes
2. Fast Company
3. Money
4. Inc.
5. TechCrunch
6. VentureBeat
7. Wired
8. The Wall Street Journal’s Entrepreneurship Section
9. The Washington Post’s on Small Business Section

We know you’re a busy business owner but taking a few minutes to read about your industry or a small business like yours can make a huge difference. Whether you get a hard copy or read via the web, knowledge is power, so read up. Being savvy is key to becoming a better business owner. And the DCSBDC is here to help you do just that.

DCSBDC consultants work with entrepreneurs in confidential, individualized sessions to help them with a range of business issues including testing new business propositions, shaping business plans, investigating funding opportunities, and much more.

Book your appointment today to get started: https://dcsbdc.org/schedule-appointment

The DC SBDC Network is a part of the Small Business Development Center national network, the federal government’s largest small business management and technical assistance program. The national SBDC network has over 900 service centers located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands and American Samoa. The DC SBDC Lead Center, which oversees the day-to-day operations of the DC SBDC Network, is located at the Howard University School of Business.Mr. Carl Brown is the State/Executive Director of the DC SBDC, based on the campus of Howard University. Mr. Brown has more than 25 years of experience in small business development.

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